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Free & Fully Alive: Reclaiming the Story of Who You Were Created to Be

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Karrie Garcia's new book will be available June 6, 2023!

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A dynamic, practical guide to embracing your past and discovering a deeper connection to yourself, God, and others so you can reclaim who God created you to be.

Many of us yearn for a sense of purpose, but we wonder how we can overcome the trauma and mistakes of our past. We keep doing and doing for God, hoping to erase our story so we can find our true calling.

Free and Fully Alive is a powerful reminder that our stories hold the key to our true purpose, and it's who we are in those stories, not what we do, that is the secret to living the abundant life God promises.

As author Karrie Garcia draws on her own experiences and her expertise as a life coach, she shows us why God's redemptive purpose for our lives doesn't begin once we're free from pain, and as we are vulnerable with God, ourselves, and others, we find that we are already who God created us to be.

A vibrant guide to getting unstuck, Free and Fully Alive equips you to:

  • Ditch the behavior modification strategies and focus on true heart transformation
  • Stop chasing external achievements when what you long for is internal change
  • Silence that inner critic and find the voice of truth through the Word of God
  • Realize that God's love for you has nothing to do with all you accomplish today
  • Understand that your past does not disqualify you from God's purpose


Feel fully alive in the story you're living. You are meant to be here. In fact, that's the greatest purpose of all.