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The Exchange Course (Includes Workbook & Teaching Videos)

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For some, freedom means walking away from painful memories or major traumatic events, such as divorce, rape, or abandonment. For others, freedom simply looks like moving past the fears and hurts that are keeping them stuck. Regardless of the experience or behavior, it’s time to release it and walk in the freedom you desire and in the abundance of God's designed purpose for your life.

During this 9-week journey, Karrie Garcia will lead you through THE EXCHANGE, helping you move from hurting to hope. Whether on your own or with a group of trusted women, you’ll watch videos and complete guided reflections and exercises designed to help you exchange the lies, the hurt, and your past to walk in the freedom God has for you. No matter what you have faced in your past, the eight steps in this course, all pulled from the Word of God, will allow healing to begin. You will be able to redefine your life, release the thoughts holding you back, and recapture the life you are intended to live.